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Mirbeau Inn & Spa Skaneateles

New York


Mirbeau Inn & Spa is committed to reducing environmental impacts by engaging our employees, members, guests and communities through the use of responsible products and sustainable practices.

  • Mirbeau Spa partners with sustainable and eco-friendly vendors that provide products that are ethically packaged, sourced and free from toxic ingredients.

  • All water source heat pumps, that both heat and cool the property, are upgraded to more efficient and energy reducing systems.

  • Operationally, we have implemented several programs to reduce water consumption with specific housekeeping standards.

  • We have reduced our use of plastic by replacing water bottles with glass carafes in our guest rooms and reducing the use of single use plastic items resort wide.

  • All property lighting is via LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

  • We have installed complimentary electric vehicle charging stations for guests that have adopted emission free electric vehicles.

  • Peddled bicycles are available as alternative emission free transportation to and from the local area.​​

  • In the Bistro & Wine Bar, we donate our used cooking oil to produce bio diesel to give it a second life and keep it out of the landfill. Furthermore, we have adopted bio-degradable and compostable cups, straws, and reduced significantly our reliance of single use items.

  • We are increasing our sourcing of hyper local food products to support local agriculture and reduce transportation and associated emissions.​

  • Our expansive Giverny inspired gardens and associated ponds help to combat climate change as they are instrumental in carbon sequestration and purifying the air as our gardens grow.

Programs & Practices

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